SANDY GOODALL Sail Design Consulting offers a variety of products and services to both sailmakers and sailors**.

(Click on the name of any service, for more detail.)

Services offered are:

  1. RBS, "Relax Bureau Service": aero and structural analysis using Peter Heppel's "Relax2" software.

  2. Sail design: sail designs for any boat or sail type

  3. Patch design: designs for any style of sail corner reinforcement

  4. Nesting: optimal placement and orientation of pieces to be cut, for most efficient cloth usage

  5. Sail design analysis and critique: evaluation of your design

  6. Sail shape, digital photo analysis: numerical evaluation of your photo of your sail shape **

  7. Tutoring / coaching: general sail design techniques, specifically: SmSw6, PatchTool, PatternSmith (Autometrix) **

  8. General sailmaking advice: loft setup, training, tools, software, plotters/cutters, vacuum tables, shape files, panel layouts

  9. Rig Tuning and Sail Trim: on board advice in tuning your rig and sails for optimum boat speed **

(These services are available at hourly or daily rates.....via E mail, or on site at your loft. Contact for details.)

SANDY GOODALL Sail Design Consulting