When you purchase these products through SG Sail Design Consulting, you will have access to technical support and tutoring.

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1) Azure Project The lastest, highly sophisticated Windows sail design and analysis software package, from SMAR Azure. NEW!

2) Libraries of successful sail shapes (moulds), and panel layouts. Sample designs are also available for any boat, rig, sail, or panel layout type.

3) PatchTool (ver.2.10, Jan.16/01, ToolCo). Sail corner reinforcement design software. (Can import SmSw5 / 6 design info.) Price: $650 US

Download from

4) PatternSmith (Autometrix). Newest version of PatternSmith software, for pattern creation, editing, nesting, and cutting.

Price: $4000 US. Download from

5) SmSw6 (build 29) Sail design software from Autometrix. $4400 US.

Download from


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